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EPICS crew at Comic Book Club Live!

Check out the podcast of last nights show, Comic Book Club Live! The guys had a great time talking about the book with the hosts of the show!


EPICS goes to Comic Book Club Live!

EPICS goes to NYC! Tuesday, Sept 25th is fast approaching. Make sure you have your plans all set in motion to come on out to NYC to check out the live show, COMIC BOOK CLUB at Fontana’s Bar! For those of you who live in NYC and want to see what all the hype is about, here’s you chance! The EPICS team will take to the stage at 7PM at Fontana’s Bar to discuss their book! Check out the Comic Book Club Live web-site for all the details!

Comic Book Club – Live!
Tuesday, September 25th – 7pm
Tickets: FREE!
105 Eldridge St.
[Btwn. Grand and Broome St.]

Fernando Ruiz (Archie Comics)
Fabio Redivo (Hell Yeah!)
+ Anthony Marques (Katyusha)!

– The show is now totally FREE! And it starts a half hour earlier at 7PM!
– We’re at a new location in the LES: Fontana’s, an awesome bar with Buck Hunter, Pool, and lots of frosty bevies.
PLUS, free comics, and a $25 gift certificate to Midtown Comics! Holy cow!
And our podcast is part of THE NERDIST NETWORK! Check it out here:
Come on down to the live show and be a part of the Podcast!