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Comic Book Resources Column, Robot 6, Covers EPICS!

Take a moment to take a look at this article about EPICS on Comic Book Resources Column, Robot 6!


Epics is now available on COMIXOLOGY!

Epics is now available on COMIXOLOGY for only 99 cents! Make sure to pick up your digital copy and to spread the word!

EPICS crew at Comic Book Club Live!

Check out the podcast of last nights show, Comic Book Club Live! The guys had a great time talking about the book with the hosts of the show!

EPICS Get Featured in Column, Comics Should Be Good, on Comic Book Resources!

EPICS Strikes Again! It was featured in Comic Book Resource’s column Comics Should be Good during their write-up on Jet City Comic Con! Check out the article!


The most exciting anthology book on the market today returns to New York City for the New York Comic Con (Oct 11-14)! Make sure to swing by our booth, E2 in artist alley to check out some fantastic original artwork as well as to pick up a copy of the book everyone is talking about! Creators of the book will be there throughout the convention signing copies of the book and selling original art and prints!


Check out this glowing review of EPICS from! They have been kind enough to give their site the EPICS touch and theme it for the next MONTH with artwork from our book! They also have a great interview up with all of the creators of the book! Here’s just a small part of the review…

“We at ChaosHour are always on the look out for new and exciting projects coming your way, whether they be web series, novels, films, indie games or comic books. Occasionally we find something that excites us to the core and ‘Epics’ is no exception.
Created by the collective minds of Anthony Marques, Fernando Ruiz, Fabio Redivo and Bob C. Hardin; Epics truly is an anthology of epic proportions. Beginning its life as a Kickstarter project, the first gorgeous issue is a collection of four stories containing ‘the pulse-pounding high-flying adventure of hot rods, robots and rocket packs’. Promising something for everyone, this high octane collection of well written and beautifully drawn tales is a wonderful example of the well honed talent in narrative art today.”

Make sure to check out their site!


What’s that you say? You can’t make it to Dewey’s this weekend to pick up a copy of EPICS!?! Have no fear dear friends, you can order a copy straight from AMAZON! That’s right, EPICS is on AMAZON!


Here’s the write up from Comic Critique about the first issue of EPICS! Make sure to check out their web-site, for even more cool stuff!

Epics #1
Physical release September 15, 2012
(Amazon page here; Publisher page here)
Digital release September 26, 2012 (will appear at comiXology here)

It’s fitting that the brisk and engrossing new anthology series Epics is created by several art educators, since it schools us in the form of comics that dominated much of the medium’s first heyday, and the span of history that nurtured some of the archetypes pop most depends on.

Comics began as collections of short stories like the four found in Epics’ first issue, and stayed that way through the period of their greatest popularity; the time between America’s World War Two victory and the 1960s’ cultural revolution was the cradle of the kind of youth culture that has sustained comics and games and serial literature and blockbuster popcorn franchises ever since.
Set in 1959, the four stories, by staffers of the Kubert School of cartooning, are a fifth-dimensional attic of pulp Americana, immersing the reader vividly in the stark noir and garish grindhouse landscapes of Cold War tension and shadowy subcultural danger zones.

Anthony Marques’ Katyusha is blood-and-guts Soviet/Yankee rivalry at its looniest, with a hot war playing out against mythic skyscraper massifs in a presentiment of widescreen mayhem to come.

Fernando Ruiz’s The Iron Ghost is a colossus of clever storytelling bestriding humor and horror, as a cavalier scientist gets caught in his own prototype robot body while both the pathos of a mechanizing society and the pompous foolishness of his pseudoscientific assumptions and patriarchal workplace play out.

Fabio Redivo’s Drake is gleaming, gloomy hardboiled-P.I. classicism, the grimy foundation and underground to Katyusha’s grand towers.

The meta-masterwork of the batch is Bob Hardin’s A Racy Story, in which hotrod culture is embodied in an iconic — and iconoclastic — bad-girl ruler of the road doing battle with the ultimate reckless driver, a surreal Mr. Tomato-head Rat Fink variant she has to face down like an Old West gunfighter on the mythic toxin-snorting steel horses of the American endless-highway dreamworld.

Epics is the product of a triumphant Kickstarter campaign and has a digital edition, but befitting its century-spanning scope will timewarp to the age of print with a paper version in partnership with the adventurous A Wave Blue World imprint, known for its thought-provoking thrillers Adrenaline and American Terrorist. Katyusha and The Iron Ghost will also spin out into full-length ongoings (just to show the way we used to do it in the present), while Epics continues with a new theme each issue, launching who knows how many new old favorites with the challenges each legendary setting needs classic characters to rise to.