Katyusha Roughs to Pencils Progress!

For those of you who are interested, what I am posting here right now is how I do my pencil work on the pages for my story Katyusha. I like to rough out the artwork on the page and then take an eraser bag, which is basically a glorified sock filled with eraser shaving, and wipe down the page until I have a faint trace of what I had sketched out onto the page. Afterwards I like to go in and begin to do my detail work. Even at this stage I still look for where I can make some changes to make the piece look better.


About anthonymarques

Born in Neptune, New Jersey, Anthony Marques is a freelance comic book artist. Viewing the film, Superman The Movie, as a young boy ignited a lifelong passion for comic books. Anthony is a 2011 graduate of The Kubert School in Dover, NJ. Some freelance assignments include working for Joe Kubert’s production company Telegraphics, MADA Design, Crayola, and designing the logo for Six Flags Great Adventure’s Fright Fest character, The Ghoulmaster. When he isn’t drawing, Anthony spends free time with his wife, Jackie, and their dog Spikey Mikey.

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